Pablo Imani

Pablo Menfesawe-Imani BA (Hons) MA, BSY, YRT, ITEC, is an Author, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Holistic Health and Wellbeing Consultant and Balanced Health practitioner trained in Kinesiology.

He is the founder of Afrikan Yoga.  Afrikan Yoga’s essence is inner harmony, peace and calm designed to develop flexibility, suppleness, psycho spiritual awareness and controlled relaxation of the mind and body.

Pablo’s lineage comes from various masters in Health, African science, cosmology, and martial sciences.  He is a member of British School of Yoga, The International Association of Black Yoga Teachers, The Independent Yoga Network, The International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priest, Priestesses, Healers and Religion Inc. He is the Co-founder of  the Afrikan Yoga Foundation

Born in Britain, Pablo Imani started his career as an Iconographic Artist, Dancer and DJ.  As an Iconographer Pablo was passionate about creating artwork  that inspired, challenged, influenced and impacted the community particularly in under priviledged areas . He spent eighteen years exhibiting and teaching art to children with special needs and working in the schools, youth groups and with mental health groups in crisis.

Black Angel Alison

His exhibition and exploratory art pieces included: The Legend of Colour,˜Icons of A golden Dynasty, Womb Beings, Mamma, The Fuzz, African Hairstyles and Their Influence.  Pablo’s artwork Black Angels is mentioned in the English National Curriculum Art & Design Key Stage 3 on Self Image.

for the past 5 years Pablo established Afrikan Yoga in Uganda  where he ran an Afrikan Yoga retreat. Pablo also began a street yoga project with Child Hope Uganda NGO a project that now delivers yoga to ‘street children’ in the capital Kampala and trained AY teachers who currently teach yoga in Uganda.

Pablo Imani is now based in London where he does private and corporate training, teacher training and international retreats.

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