Afrikan Yoga (AY) Literacy Project, Uganda

The Afrikan Yoga Literacy Movement aims to create healthier communities through physical and mental health, well-being and personal growth practice through the discipline of Afrikan Yoga.

One of the many benefits of Yoga is developing an awareness of the effects of stress in our lives, and the skills with which to manage them. These benefits naturally increase from the individual participant, to the environment in which they are living and contributing. Regular practice is known to enhance improved health, increase energy levels, well-being and productivity creating safer more healthy communities.

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Aims of Afrikan Yoga Literacy Project,Uganda:

  • To deliver yoga, meditation and healthy living workshop sessions to young people in Kampala 2 days a week
  • To develop a resource centre of books and other reading materials & audio-visual equipment to aid learning
  • To provide young people with access to technical, education, historical, metaphysical, and esoteric reading, audio and visual materials


  • To improve Literacy: Reading & writing
  • To improve Health and Fitness through exercise: Introduction to Exercise, Warm up routines, Relaxation, Breathing, Postures for concentration and education on Nutrition
  • To improve concentration, focus and balance: Introduction to Meditation

AY Workshops programme will be:

  • teaching meditation
  • providing assistance in English literacy and Yoga
  • providing a library and quiet reading room for young people throughout the week

Who will benefit:

  • Over 133 children aged 7-15 based in a slum area of Kabalagala, and local youth from Kansanga, Bunga, Buziga, Nsambya of the city of Kampala Uganda. Beneficiaries may also include youth workers, social workers, play-workers, Teachers, Youth mentors, managers, team leaders, coordinators and project workers.
  • The project provides an opportunity for the general public of Uganda particularly young people to know more about health. To encourage young people and local key workers in activities that work towards social change and engage in healthier activities (Engaged & Active Communities).
  • The project also provides an opportunity for Key workers to be involved in healthier activities, improving their English and expanding their knowledge of African civilisations. The library will be furnished with childrens books, health related books, books that cover African history written by African scholars, as well as books of esoteric and technical knowledge. These books are not widely accessible in Uganda at this time.

Where will activity take place:

The AY literacy project aims to be in Kabalagala and AY centre, Kawuku, Kampala

Project Supporters to date:

  • People Concern Childrens Project, Kampala Uganda
  • Core Equipment co.London UK
  • Centreprise Bookstore, London UK
  • Bantu Radio, London UK
  • Hillcroft Womens College, Surbiton Surrey, UK,
  • Makarere University
  • Pepukayi Distributors
  • Dr. Muata Ashby


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